Cost Reduction Services

To achieve improved performance year-on-year, lowering costs, reducing waste and improving business process efficiency is critical for every organisation in both the private and the public sector. With most companies oftentimes facing dwindling revenue growth, it is therefore imperative to imbibe cost reduction strategies across both operational and non-operational cost heads in order to achieve and sustain profitability.

At Fulfilgate Associates, our consultants are well trained to help organizations find savings in all cost lines and operational processes by implementing specially designed business process improvement strategies that assure long term effective cost management and operational excellence. Our consultants are specialists in delivering lean operation possibilities, effective supplier chain management and continuous improvement solutions to our clients. We do this by assessing current practices in clients’ firms, generate improvement strategies while leveraging on our past experiences and industry best practices.

Thereafter, we measure savings and generate detailed reports that are then implemented by a project team in conjunction with our clients. Our service is incomplete until a review of the executed strategies is carried out to assure effectiveness of our solution.


Revenue Improvement Services

Expanding market frontiers and growing sales revenue is one major strategy for all companies seeking to improve profitability. Achieving this in a dynamic and competitive market environment requires formulation and implementation of a well designed sales and marketing strategy built specifically to meet the peculiar needs of our clients.

At Fulfilgate Associates, we assist our clients to build flexible sales strategy that delivers control, profit and growth; increase profitable sales through the use of proven tools and tactical solutions that change individual and team behaviour; and protect key customers through the use of modern technology that also assist in executing the identified sales strategy. Our consultants are well trained and experienced to deliver innovative ideas with a unique balanced approach that will ensure our clients achieve predictable, persistent, and sustainable growth in sales revenue at a lower cost.


Financial Consulting Services

At Fulfilgate Associates, we have a dedicated team of consultants who are skilled and experts in delivering comprehensive analysis and assessment of client’s financial reports, working capital adequacy testing, receivables management, capital restructuring and other aspects of financial advisory services aimed at delivering enhanced value to our corporate clients. We have developed competence in business valuation and executed various due diligence assignments involving financial, tax, human resources, legal, sales and customer service as well as operations and other aspects that are critical to the decision-making needs of buyers and sellers and other investors in any organisation.

Our team at the firm has several years of real world experience with strong analytical and research techniques to carefully and independently determine assets value. We assist boards of directors, investors, trustees and other corporate and organizational leaders by providing them with independent opinions about the financial fairness of any pending transaction. A complete analysis, including careful assessments of the planned transaction as well as alternatives, enables clients to make informed decisions. A well-timed independent analysis often establishes that planned transactions have been sufficiently considered with their potential alternatives, and clients have appropriately exercised their business judgments.


Training & Human Capital Development

Employees today face rapidly changing expectations and deliverables from their employers which stem from the demands of changing and competitive business landscapes in which the organisations operate. This however puts pressure on the organisation’s workforce especially where there are negative sanctions for their inabilities to achieve minimum expectations, which largely depend on the possession of the right skills on the job. Empowering the workforce with the set of right skills and attitude to meet with these expectations both in the short and long run is a responsibility which oftentimes calls for support from experts outside the organisation.

At Fulfilgate Associates, we work with our clients to design and implement the necessary framework from recruitment of the right employees to identification of training and manpower development needs; design training and manpower development programmes; implement the identified programmes and carry out post training evaluation to measure the impact and effectiveness of our trainings on the competencies of participants in their assigned tasks and responsibilities. Our training and manpower developmental programmes could be delivered in-house within the organisation’s premises or outside of the premises in an environment that is conducive for learning and interaction.